The War In Hipstamatic.

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The War in Hipstamatic is a photojournalism experiment carried out by Teru Kuwayama and Balazs Gardi, who embedded with Marine Battalion 1/8 in Helmand for five months in 2010. Together with a few other photographers they built Basetrack, a multiplatform hybrid of digital maps, feeds, social media posts, interviews and of course stunning photographs, some of which have been taken with Hipstamatic on iPhones as showed here. Basetrack is also available for download if you should be so inclined.

via Foreign Policy.



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A day you’ll never forget.

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The screen shot below is todays front page over at Apple.

Big words. But what’ll it be? A new streaming service to make life miserable for SpotifyPandora and their like? Maybe. Or finally wireless syncing? Maybe. Movie and TV rentals for the rest of the world? Unlikely. A more social iTunes with a better recommendation engine? Maybe.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll have the answer and according to Apple we’ll never forget it.

Anatomy of Apple Design in 3D.

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The 3D Wizards over at Transparent House has made a really nice 3D Video in celebration of the iPad launch, featuring a few hand selected icons from Apples over 30 year old design history, icons they believe led up to the iPad. Noticeably both the iMac and the iPod is left out, I really think they should’ve included the iPod because it was the first handheld device from Apple that enjoyed a massive success, the Newton on the other hand did not.